Una empresa de soluciones ambientales. 
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Our company ECOSERVICES is the only company in the Dominican Republic of waste management certified jointly with ISO 9001 and 14001, IN QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT

Members of ECORED, the Tourist Cluster of Altagracia and the Provincial Development Council of the Ministry of Environment, with environmental permit 2724/15, was established in the Dominican Republic in 2010 but with more than 30 years of international development that together with our Foundation www .Ecoturismoresponsable.org that carries the commitment of corporate social responsibility.


We have the necessary experience, permisology, and highly trained technical teams and personnel to create programs for the sustainable development of companies and Tourism in the Dominican Republic through solid and liquid waste management, Recycling and the effective final disposal, certification and Environmental Audit, sale of biodegradable products and zafacones, renewable energy, energy waste varolization, Biofuels, energy saving and improvement of clean production, are all projects focused on improving the care of the environment and the human development of our community.

* We have operations in the area of ​​Bávaro, Punta Cana, Romana and associated projects in Santo Domingo and the northern part of the country

A reality created to give relief to the environment in the country, which allows RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES, hotels and the community in general, to deposit their recyclable waste, giving them an effective Final AND NEW LIFE disposal, and preventing waste from ending up in uncontrolled landfills for that our country can move towards a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

We have several national and international recycling and certification programs designed for hotels and companies and our training courses implemented by our expert partners and we are more than 140 professionals from different areas, led by our management formed by:


Felipe Beltrán: Representative for the Dominican Republic of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSTC, travel life auditor and diploma in environmental management systems ISO 14001, professor INFOTEP and UNIBE in sustainable tourism

Terry Wheat: Director of operations and international auditor of Green globe, supervisor Seal I am Green

* These programs can help achieve the best international quality standards for business and tourism industry




Ofrecer un servicio de máxima calidad de asesoria en gestion medio ambiental sostenible y manejo de residuos acorde a los mejores estándares nacionales
e internacionales según las necesidades cambiantes del mercado.
Ser la empresa más destacada a nivel de gestión medio ambiental y desarrollo sostenible en Repüblica dominicana que sirva como símbolo de referencia y modelo de trabajo para las futuras generaciones, ampliando nuestro rango de acción a nivel mundial.

Empresas verdes

We add your trust to our "Green Companies":

Punta Cana Group, Tetra Pack, Riu Hotels, Karisma Hotels, Princess Hotels, Hard Rock, Dreams Hotels, Secrets Occidental Hotels, Excellence Hotels, Sirenis hotels, Catalonia Hotels, H Ocean Blue H10, Royalton Hotels, Chic hotels, Meliá Hotels, Ifa Hotels, Be live Hotels, Sivory Hotel, Bancamerica, scape park, Hotels beds, Blue travel, Alttours, Sea pro divers, UNIBE University, among others….


All this program has a social impact on our RESPONSIBLE ECOTOURISM FOUNDATION .ORG

We carry recycling and our free awareness campaigns:

More than 20 schools and 5000 students received environmental training.

More than 5000 employees from more than 40 different hotels received waste separation workshops.

Talks and workshops in churches and humble neighborhoods in art training with recycling, cleaning beaches and buying waste for population support.

info@ecoservices.com.do fbeltran@ecoservices.com.do cell phone (809) 907 4757 (809 912 49 80) Veron Road - Bavaro km 4.5

Objetivos generales

General objectives

ECOSERVICES DOMINICANA S.R.L, is aimed at complying with the following general objectives:

  • Provide a personalized service focused on the satisfaction of our current clients and prospects through an analysis of their needs and requirements, through the participation in workshops of Asonahores and business associations of RD, Ecored, AIRD, ANJE.

  • Comply with the legal requirements applicable to all our activities and the internal voluntary criteria. Quarterly constant review of our legal matrix and GSTC criteria.

  • Promote environmental awareness in the local community and at national level through advisory programs and talks on good environmental practices. In addition, working with the responsible ecotourism foundation in sustainable educational programs and schools, training campaigns in companies and organizations.

  • Promote the green seal and raise its standard to the GSTC, supporting our clients with the implementation and improvement of good environmental practices to meet the criteria of the international certifications of Sustainable Tourism.

  • Carry out a campaign for the proposal of weighing of the Urban Solid Waste (MSW) of the materials and in hotels, establishing reduction targets aimed at zero waste, as well as supporting the development of a sanitary landfill with transfer plant in the area to Preserve the Environment through the correct management of waste by reducing the amount of waste deposited in landfills

  • Promote adequate separation of waste at the source (hotels and companies) to make efficient the necessary resources during the process of collecting recyclable material until its final deposit.

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* We handle the operative part of collecting used soaps in hotels to recycle them and deliver them to the needy community www.cleantheworld.org. Soap saves lives!

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